Weight Recorder Updates

I have recieved a lot of feedback about importing data into Weight Recorder 2. After exporting your data from the old version, use this guide for import instuctions.
The recent update of Weight Recorder (version 2.1) introduced a bug that may crash the app when looking at the graph. I am working on a fix now.

Weight Recorder Update - Version 2.1

Due to overwhelming feedback, version 2.1 reverts Weight Recorder back to version 1.2 style.

While this version is getting approved by Apple, I have temporarily removed the app from the AppStore. With this update, Weight Recorder is considered finished and will not change in the future, barring bugfixes, and iOS version updates.

Instead, I have created a new application, Weight Recorder 2, where all future development, features, and updates will happen. Both Weight Recorder and Weight Recorder 2 can be installed at the same time, so you can try both. Moving to Weight Recorder 2 is your choice.

Thank you again for your feedback.


Weight Recorder Update Version 2.0.1

This update fixes a bug that makes it impossible to input decimal points.


Weight Recorder Update - Version 2.0

The application has received a major update with this version. The appearance has been updated to the new iOS 7 look and feel. Internally, the entire program received a ground-up overhaul. New features include:


  • Add custom measurements. Measure anything you want.
  • Add notes to your data.
  • New measurement units (i.e. kilogram, pounds, stones, inch, foot, mile, etc.). Choose from over 20 units.
  • Brand new graph. Zoom, scroll, and select your data to inspect.
  • Graph supports portrait AND landscape mode by very popular demand.
  • Easily access your exported data using spreadsheet and word processor programs with the new Comma Separated Values (CSV) export format.
  • iPad also gets a major update.
  • Internal database upgraded.


Overwhelming feedback indicates that people like Weight Recorder because it is simple. Therefore, simplicity was the focus while working on this update. 


Weight Recorder Update - Version 1.2

This update addresses a number of small tweaks and fixes. Still working on the next major version (2.0) which will have a lot more functionality and a whole new, much more sofisitcated database. Until then, please use this update and feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

Improvements in Version 1.2:

  • Simplified interface making Weight Recorder even more intuitive and easy to use.
  • Importing is now supported! Detailed instructions on how to import can be found here.
  • Improved iPad experience. Full screen menus and large beautiful graphs.