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Weight Recorder Guide

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Weight Recorder

Beautiful and easy to use daily log to keep track of your weight. Let your iPhone® or iPod touch® help you track your progress.



  • simple, intuitive, and beautiful interface
  • easily add, edit, and delete your weight measurements
  • Calculate body fat using the BMI to body fat percentage¹, the Army Circumference Method², or enter the value by hand
  • view your progress in a easy to understand graph
  • schedule recurring alarms to remind you to get on that scale
  • export and import your data to backup or use in other programs


  • Graph is interactive and you can inspect, modify, and even delete data directly from the graph
  • Automatically scales so your data is easy to see
  • Graph your weight, bmi, waist, or body fat

Your Data

About Your Privacy

Privacy is an important issue, especially when dealing with medical or health related issues. Because of that, this application will never collect and/or send your information for any reason (unless you specifically email it yourself using the backup feature).


  1. BMI to body fat percentage formula, Body mass index as a measure of body fatness: age- and sex-specific prediction formulas, Authors: Deurenberg P, Weststrate JA, Seidell JC. Journal: Br J Nutr, Mar 1991;65(2):105-14
  2. Army Regulation 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, Nov 2006